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After a tragic accident at HQ, we are down a member, and we want to see if you also have Super-Team potential! The intergalactic search for a temporary replacement member is coming to NJ September 17.

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ElectronicaElectronica Power Grid

Hometown: Manhattan, New York

Powers: Manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Time in Superlatives: 5 years

Origin: A C-level fortune-500 executive named to the "30 under 30" list, Electronica's corporate career was cut tragically short because of injuries sustained in a freak photocopying-related accident. While she famously received a record-breaking settlement, she was incapacitated by complete blindness and overwhelming tinnitus.

The Superlatives took notice when the R&D department caught wind that passwords associated with any computing device brought within 10 meters of her would spontaneously change to the name of her pet goldfish. In order to conduct testing, researchers placed her inside the Superlatives HQ Farady Cage. Not only was the password issue resolved, but her senses were instantly restored.

Fitted with a more mobile version of the Farady shielding, Electronica mastered her control of the electromagnetic spectrum and joined the ranks of the Superlatives Situation Squad. Perhaps more importantly, she recognized that while the Superlatives dealt with external crises every day, they lacked an effective internal crisis management plan to deal with public perception of scandal within their own ranks. She has since taken on the mantle of Chief of Corporate Communication and Culture within the Superlatives' organization, and, upon the advice of the IT department, updated her password.